Growth Hacking & Business Analysis


Have you heard of this bad-ass buzzword recently? Curious enough to know more.

Growth hacking is a marketing technique which aims to attract users at a relatively low cost and primarily by means of technological integration.The terms is a buzzword and is typically applied to marketing strategies used by newly-formed companies, which don’t have the resources to employ standard corporate marketing strategies. Growth hackers are marketers that are trained to specifically focus on building up the user base of new startups.Growth hackers focus on low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing, e.g. utilizing social media and viral marketing instead of buying advertising through more traditional media such as radio, newspaper, and television.

Growth Hacker marketing is simply marketing but it implies lack of resources such as money to spend on traditional ad campaigns. It involves trying to think outside the box to come up with newer creative ways to get target audience’s attention.

A growth hacker’s main objective is growth, his concentration lies in the targets to which he has to take his business and in what ways. A growth hacker is a combination of a coder and a marketing expert but it is certainly not limited to that. A growth hacker makes net virality, A/B testing, SEO, Open Graphs etc. as his tools of operation and must possess a keen eye in targeting audience. A growth hacker waddles in the pools of marketing along with real-time sales and web analytics to formulate your business’ growth plan. A growth hacker becomes an intermediary between the product team and the team responsible for marketing. It can be put as- a growth hacker steers the company while others run it.

So this may be a business analysts Career path?

You have to understand UX, UI, SEO, PPC, Analytics, A/B Testing, Web Development, and Product Management — all in one package. That tough. You have to be someone like Elon musk- I would rather own my startup :). But if the job is demanding and pays you high enough to get high , I would rather be this ninja :).

But start it soon, if you really want to be this devil badass business analyst.




Over the time the interest for this buzzword has interestingly interesting 🙂

Look at Apple, Apple has ‘ok’ feature phones but with the hype it has created, its still a great phone with quality product. Such is growth hacking.

Interested in learning more about growth hacking? Check out, a collaborative community for marketers hungry for growth, created by the man who first coined the term back in 2010, Sean Ellis. You could also just check out this extremely helpful guide on growth hacking.







One thought on “Growth Hacking & Business Analysis

  1. “Over the time the interest for this buzzword has interestingly interesting 🙂” – lol

    *goes to check on google trends compared to other things.

    thanks for sharing.


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