Things to do before, during and after every meeting

public_meetings1246133850 hours are lost in a year due to just unproductive/inefficient meetings. This is in just U.S, now just imagine the count around the world.

Before the meeting:

  1. Set an agenda and send the documents to the respective people so that they come prepared.
  2. The invites should go at least 2–3 days ahead of time.
  3. Set Meeting Expectations- Let the invitees know what do you aim to do once you finish the meeting.

During the meeting:

  1. “Say it in 5 words”- The agenda of the meeting. Be crisp and precise.
  2. At the end of each meeting or a topic, pause to agree on next steps and establish specific commitments with clear deadlines.
  3. Let people know they can negotiate at the time they make the commitments, especially with regard to due dates.
  4. Don’t use the automatic “by the next meeting” as the due date. Be thoughtful about what timing make the most sense.
  5. Make clear that you expect each commitment will be fulfilled as agreed upon, and if something comes up, you expect they’ll reach out to discuss the change.
  6. Assign someone to check in at appropriate intervals to ensure the commitments will be kept as promised or re-evaluated if something unexpected comes up.
  7. Set a time limit and don’t be afraid to shut people up
  8. Be like a talk show host.

After the meeting

  1. Send meeting minutes:Meeting minutes don’t need to include everything everyone said. They do need to include following:
    • Date, time location
    • Attendees
    • Key points raised and decisions made
  2. Keep all  documents and decisions made safe with the previous meeting minutes.
  3. Keep sending Gentle reminders to the person who are responsible for the work that needs to be done.

If you want to understand more of time management/meeting management, check this TedX video

Do you have more tips?  Let us know.



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