Business Analysis- Work Smarter & Faster

Source: Funders and Founders

Source: Funders and Founders

I have this poster in my workplace so it makes my life easy. As I get a new Business requirements request, the first thing I do is blindly go with a grammar-less bullet point document for the first 15 mins adding all the points I gut feel and whatever you have received. It works well and like a charm.

Next thing to do is write a short email with your immediate questions asking the stakeholders/relevant party to be more clear. I believe in doing work smarter and faster. In case of a Y/N decision-making, use the 60 seconds rule but make sure you have the research done before

So before you take a project ask these following questions as a BA:

  1. Where are the previous documents?
  2. What is the deadline of the project and how did the scope meet the business needs.
  3. Question everything required on business, A BA should really know the business reasons better than anyone.

Work Smarter and faster!


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