Day To Day Tools for Business Analysts

Most of us use different tools for requirements capturing and tracking.



Below are the common Tools across organizations for Business Analysis or people dealing with business analysis.

1. Quick Notes : Notepad, MS Word
2. Documentation : MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) , Wiki
3. Diagrams : MS Visio, Gliffy Diagrams
4. Wire frames : Axure RP , Gliffy

5. Meetings : Google Calender
6. Research : Google
7. Communication : Gmail, Hotmail, Skype, Gtalk,
8. Presentation: MS PowerPoint,Prezi
9. Document Storage: SVN,Wiki
10. Screenshots: Snag it, Awesome Screenshot
11. Bug Tracking: Jira
12. Requirements Tracking: Caliber, IBM Rational DOORS, Jira
13. Business Process analysis: Aris, MBPM
14. Task Management :,Keep,

Well, If you ask me what would I choose from the above, I would go with to list out my day to day tasks, write a quick note in MS Word capturing screenshots in Snagit, write detail requirements in Wiki (Best for document writing,storage and easy finding), Use gmail and gchat (anytime better), give presentation in MS Powerpoint. I would add wire frames using Axure RP and process diagrams using Gliffy.

What would you choose?


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