Business Goals

Importance of Business Goals The business has certain goals it would like to achieve. Some of which will be achieved through technology (system/software/hardware). These goals serve as a foundation for business analysis activities. It creates basis for requirement engineering. Requirements Engineering (RE) is the disciplined approach of determining user expectations, communication and management of these expectation.  It also serves as a measuring stick to verify whether the goals have been achieved through technology. Business Goals, gives the B.A. a bird’s eye view of the expectations of the stakeholder’s. It’s imperative to understand here who stakeholders are. Definition: A person or organization that has a (direct or indirect) influence on a system’s requirements. Indirect influence also includes situations where a person or organization is impacted by the system. [1] In other words stakeholders are people or organizations that are effected by the system. These are the people that will directly or indirectly influence the creation of the system. They are a source of system requirements. There are different classes of stakeholders (more on this in my next post). Business goals is the driver of any requirement. It is important to have them clearly and completely documented and signed off by the stakeholders. Documenting this clearly, not only helps in referencing but also in case there are additions to the team that will help build the system. It also serves as a contract, an agreement between the business team and the team that will build this system. This document shall also serve as a key component for planning and directing (the team to build the system) by the project manager. Importance of clearly defining Business Goals:

  1. Base for planning activities, delivery timelines, and resources required, expertise required.
  2. Base for project scope determination.
  3. Clear determination of end result and thereby serving as a measuring stick.
  4. Stakeholder expectation management.
  5. Also works as expected result for testing system.

With the Business Goals laid out, a B.A. can plan on defining the context boundaries and system boundaries thereby deriving the scope. Having a clear scope is essential. There are various aspects of project management that get effected by this, such as time and budget, and therefore it is a key task. Setting boundaries allows the B.A. to focus on specific areas and target correct sources. Set those boundaries. Look for clear targets.           1.      Stakeholders:


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