Autobiography Of A Business Requirement


So this post is an autobiography of a requirement and its journey with a Business Analyst.

I will be frank and I will be simple here. It was said that I was born as one idea consumed from the trending market.  There was a similar myself in the market, but he wanted me to be more than just that and I should be able to help him grow his business. 

You know I was an infant requirement; He wants me to grow and get matured because I was still not in a workable condition. l was in the idea maturity stage. My boss has an idea of how I should look later but he had no idea that there will be one magician who changed the way he thought about me.

The magician came all of a sudden and the owner was confused why that person was in the first place after all.  My owner knew what he wanted and he was really confused about this magician’s existence.

But this magician had analytics skills with him, he analyzed the business and then he wrote down how I would benefit him with his business. He also explained my owner that how well I should be produced and what makes me more different from my look-alike. So, that means to say he had an awesome plan of making me into something more awesome. I was completely excited. The owner now knew that I would make his business more awesome than he ever thought and I would be more easily produced than he ever thought.

He came to him as a magician,  helped the developers on what they have done ,  helped my owner with he needs to take care of when I will be delivered and gave all the necessary details to everyone involved. Someone was hired to even quality test and this magician added some great test case scenarios so that I was delivered in quality.

I was then taken into development stage and I was successfully implemented. From an infant requirement, I became a matured requirement and then became a market changing product.  And the magician goes like that….  whoosh.

The business bloomed exponential.  I was very happy and I did call  the magician and thank him for all he did. He responded “Sure no problems at all, Wish you a very good life” But I asked him “How did you do this magic”.  He responded back completely ignoring my question “No magic at all, it’s my job and sorry to say this but I am little busy right now”.  Well I asked back what he was busy with for which he responded “I am just trying to make someone who looks like you but better than you.  Bye”. I was surprised and scared at the same time and asked him one last question “At least please tell me who are you dear magician?”

He responded “Well, I am a business analyst”


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