Introductory By Prakhyath Rai

Hello, I am a business analyst working in a payments firm dealing with customers all over the world.  Amidst all the jargon I do as a business analyst,  the most important thing and a role which can be simply said for a business analyst is to make sure that the business imageproblem is taken as business opportunities.

Why do I write this blog? 

blogging is my passion.  I connect to different people with different mindset across the globe.  I have written for fashion, books,  tech and business in my own website Merrybrains. com

What is so different in this blog than other blogs?
This blog will be minimalistic with simple detail oriented. This blog is for all those business analysts or those aspire to be. We would talk about how leadership relates to business analysis also. We don’t want to complicate words when the life is already full of complications, do we?

What you could do?
support, connect, share and comment on our thoughts so that we can make the BA ecosystem more friendly, simple and amazing with our leadership skills.

Signing off,
Prakhyath Rai


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